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Spirit Body


We have a dual nature in that we exist in our mortal form with both a physical body and a spirit or energy body. The existence of the spirit within us is a belief that goes back to the beginning of recorded history, and that is supported throughout history and documented worldwide. We believe that at the moment of death, the spirit separates from the body and continues to live on. It is the essence of who we are as eternal beings. But during this mortal experience, our spirit is somewhat of a “passenger” in our physical body even though we believe they are in the exact likeness of each other.

If you are brought to this area through muscle testing, it means that some kind of imbalance exists in the energy body or spirit.


You’ve already identified that the spirit body is imbalanced. Continue to Association.


Ask: Is there an associated imbalance that needs to be decoded?


Swipe three times with a magnet or your hand on any length of the governing meridian, while holding the intention to reset the energy body or spirit.